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Poplar College Student Council News


Poplar College Student Council members Casey, Connie, Garreth, Owen, Jordan and Lucy have been busy with lots of different tasks this year.

They chose a new sofa, cushions and bean bags for the outside pod, along with CDs and posters of their favourite pop stars.

They also have subscribed to two magazines for all to read, Match and Hello. They were able to do this thanks to the generosity of Borough Lands.

They baked cakes and organised a fancy dress day for Comic Relief.

They made a ballot box and voting slips for all the students in college to choose who they felt should receive the Friendship Award. This was a very close result between Carl, Lucy and Owen, Owen was the overall winner.

For the final week of the summer term they came up with various venues and activities for a Fun Activity Week.

From ten initial ideas six were chosen after a whole college vote, Ice Skating, Butterfly farm visit, Footgolf at Monkton Park, T – Shirt Painting, a Games Afternoon and a trip to the Cinema.


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