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Makaton Charity Fundraiser

During Mental Health Awareness week we are launching a fundraiser for the Makaton charity. The Makaton charity is a charity close to a lot of our hearts because of the communication it allows us with our young people and them with us.

We are asking you and your families to make a video communicating the message "Be happy and send family and friends your love." and dedicate this message.

Once you have made it email it to your class teacher through the new class emails. School will then pledge money for each video received and make a donation to the Makaton charity once we have received all of the videos.

If the file is too big to send via email then you can send us a cloud link or send via your child's new google account which will use the online Google Drive.



This document contains a template for creating a dedication message.


Here are the symbols that are used in the "Communicating with Symbols" video shared above.  

Makaton Signs and Symbols

These documents will show you the Makaton signs and also the Makaton symbols.  You could make a video of somebody holding up the symbols if they find it difficult to sign.

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