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Swan class


Swan class is a KS 4 class with 6 pupils. We follow the Preparing for Adulthood curriculum, and this term we are also focussing on weather and space.


Our teachers are Helen and Amy C, we have 3 teaching assistants Cathy, Paula and Sarah, who support our learning.


At the moment some of us are working at home and some are in school but we enjoy seeing each other in G meets.


As a class we enjoy Attention Autism, drama, sensory stories, art and cooking. We are working towards attaining our ASDAN Transition Challenge accreditation. ‚Äč

Supportive Learning Materials

Learning Mats

These documents contain some activity suggestions that you could do at home which link with the current curriculum theme.

Other Resources

These are resources which are referenced on the Learning Mats.  You can also see images of these below.


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