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Blackbird class

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In Blackbird class we have 6 pupils; our class teacher is Helen and our teaching assistants are Magda, Kariss, Viki and Natasha. 

We enjoy learning through multi sensory experiences, particularly sensory stories and tactile communication sessions.

Each pupil has individual communication goals and have access to a range of AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) - this includes the use of objects of reference, symbols, musical cues, switches, e -tran frame, and communication aids.  We enjoy visiting places in our local community such as the shops or park.  In school, some of our favourite activities include rebound therapy, hydrotherapy and movement songs.  

Supportive Learning Materials

Learning Mats

These documents contain some activity suggestions that you could do at home which link with the current curriculum theme.

Other Resources

These are resources which are referenced on the Learning Mats.  You can also see images of these below.

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