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Governor's profiles

St Nicholas School: the Governing Board
These are the members of St Nicholas School Governing Board:  we are allowed up to 15 in total (including the Headteacher), plus a Clerk to keep all in order.  You’ll see as you read through this document that the governors bring an amazing variety of skills and specialities to St Nicholas School. 

Individual governors have no decision-making power.  Instead, each governor is encouraged to put forward views based on their own experience and expertise.  The Full Governing Board, or a sub-committee of governors, then make decisions collectively.  The Full Governing Board oversees everything. The entire system is voluntary and designed to ensure that the school has excellent and impartial governance. 

The Governing Board always has the best interests of the pupils and the school to heart.  Governors truly welcome input from all members of the school: pupils and families, teaching and ancillary staff, as well as the school’s partners in the wider community.  If you would like to contact any governor, remember you can always do so through the school office directly, or by emailing admin@st-nicholas.wilts.sch.uk

The Governors

Aileen Bates: Chair

Aileen is a Local Authority Governor and has been on the Governing Board since 2008 and took over the Chair in September 2010.  She also serves on both the Resource and LAW Committees.  She is a Trustee of the School Fund.

Aileen has an MA in philosophy and politics and a CQSW postgraduate qualification in social work.  She is currently completing an Open University open degree with the focus on psychology and world politics.  Aileen has worked as a practitioner, manager and trainer in social work, industryand personal finance.  She is the creator and director of a community based project to integrate people with learning disabilities, behavioural and mental health problems into normal living by providing supported living and day occupation.  This has involved skills in all aspects of people management.

Aileen enjoys golf, bowls and bridge as well as supporting Swindon Town.  

Corinna Davidson

Corinna joined the Board in March 2016 as a Parent Governor and sits on the LAW Committee. 

She is a Community Nursery Nurse holding a CACHE qualification in Children’s Care, Learning and Development and is trained in additional specialist subjects such as Health Promotion, Infant Nutrition, Parenting & Child Behaviour Management and Child & Adult abuse.  Corinna has recently graduated from Oxford Brookes University completing a Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care with a view to achieve a full degree in the very near future. 

Corinna previously worked as a Deputy Manager in a nursery in Germany run by Army Welfare Service (AWS), was an Office Manager for a firm of Architects in North Yorkshire, she enjoyed being an evening-lecturer at a College in Edinburgh and working for the MOD in Northern Ireland. Corinna has a daughter who attends St. Nicholas School (Poplar College) and a son in a mainstream school.

Corinna enjoys reading, travel, going to the theatre, a variety of regular physical exercises and fundraising events.


Tim Marshall

Tim is a Co-opted Governor and has been on the Governing Board since September 2011, having previously taught at St Nicholas School.  He currently serves on the LAW Committee as chair.

Tim has 25 years’ teaching experience, initially as an English teacher, then turning to teach children and young people with learning difficulties. He has held a range of leadership roles in special schools, and currently teaches in a South Gloucestershire school. He has a PhD in Disability Studies from the University of Bristol.

Tim is a keen traveller and especially enjoys trekking, as well as less demanding local walks. ​​


Paola Meekins

Paola became a Co-opted Governor in November 2015 and is on the Resource Committee.

Paola worked in London as a secretary to the advertising manager of a magazine then the owner of retail shops and finally of a quantity surveying practice.  Through her husband being in Round Table she became involved with swimming for the disabled, training in the Halliwick method.  Paola helped start and run two clubs in London.  She also ran the swimming programme at John Grooms which is now called Livability and is part of the Shaftesbury Society.

On moving to Wiltshire she looked to continue helping children in the water and has been a volunteer at the school for over 20 years. Her husband was a Rotarian in Chippenham and they were instrumental in Rotary fundraising for the Starfish Hydro Pool. She has four adult children the youngest being a paraplegic after an accident and a 20 year old grandson with autism.

In her spare time she loves playing bowls, gardening and travel.


Jeff Parker: Vice Chair

Jeff is a Co-opted Governor and has been on the Governing Board since November 2013 and currently chairs the Resource Committee and is vice chair of the Governing Board.

Jeff spent 23 years in the RAF as a Communications Engineer serving in various parts of the world.  On leaving the RAF in 1993 he spent 2 years as a Business Consultant and then 18 years with Nortel Networks and then EADS, a large Aerospace and Defence company, in Business Development.

Jeff retired from EADS in 2012 and is now an independent consultant specialising in Cyber Security and Business Innovation.

Jeff’s interests include keeping fit, walking and reading.


Ros Way (Headteacher)

Ros has been the headteacher of St Nicholas school since September 2015.

She has nearly 30 years’ of experience as a teacher working with a range of children with Special educational needs both in mainstream and special schools.


Allison Husband (Staff Governor)

Allison has been a teacher at St Nicholas school for 6 years. She has had 20 years of experience of working in special needs education.

She currently has responsibility for Literacy, Language and communication, and is a Middle Leader.​


Duncan Carter (Parent Governor)

Duncan has a BENG in electronic engineering and he has worked in IT networking for his employer, a global medical equipment manufacturer, for over 12 years.

Duncan is a parent at the school & has a younger daughter in mainstream  education.

Duncan has previously occupied a variety of positions on the Springboard Chippenham opportunity group’s management committee over a tenure spanning over five years. From which he has gained a wide array of knowledge and experience.

As a parent he wishes to aid communication and dialog to aid parents and school in to obtain the best for our children. 

Duncan enjoys family life & also enjoys reading, swimming, photography, travel and theatre.


Yvonne Miles

Yvonne joined the Board in October 2019 as a Co-opted Governor and sits on the Resource Committee.

Yvonne is a retired teacher - her original teacher training was at Newton Park College in Bath for Mainstream Primary but after two years in a primary school she was able to move into the field of Special Education.

Yvonne then spent the next twenty years in different departments of one Special school working with children of all ages ranging for those with severe physical and mental handicaps through to those with autism, severe psychological and emotional problems, epilepsy and other educational and developmental difficulties.

During this time Yvonne received ongoing training in most of these specialist areas, and was particularly involved in the development of language and communication in the school.

Yvonne was awarded a Diploma in Educational Management from Bristol Poly in 1984 and a Diploma in Advanced Studies in Education (Sp.Ed.Needs) in 1989.

Yvonne retired from teaching over twenty years ago and her outside interests are mainly in art and textiles.


Clerk to the Governors - Michelle Hocking

Michelle clerks for a number of schools in the Chippenham area and joined St Nicholas in September 2016.


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