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We need You! 

We hope that by now, you would have heard that Wiltshire Council has agreed to withdraw the notices of closure for St Nicholas, Larkrise and Rowdeford Schools, and the related Notice regarding the opening of one new mega school in Rowde. Whilst we are pleased that Wiltshire Council has listened to our concerns, St.Nicholas School is far from safe! 

The council has now re-opened and extended the consultation period and we must turn to the future. Wiltshire Council are still faced with a shortfall in SEND places and must find a solution which provides the best possible outcome for ALL our SEND children, no matter how complex or wide-ranging their needs. We hope that Wiltshire Council will now be open to all ideas and willing to listen to those who know their children best - YOU! 

We are therefore inviting you to attend one of our parent consultation workshops. These will be facilitated by us (Duncan and Corinna). Everything you tell us will be passed on to Wiltshire Council. A true reflection of what, and how you feel the future education of your child/ren should look like will be passed on. We want to hear of any concerns you might have, too ... anything that could cause concerns if a Special School would not be situated in Chippenham in the future. 

Your voice is important ... you are the voice of your child/ren .

So please come along.

Workshops are on Wednesday 24th April at 7pm and Thursday 25th April at 9.15am. The workshop lasts about an hour and will be held at St.Nicholas School. 

We hope to see many of you #togetherwearestronger

Duncan and Corinna 

Parent Governors 


Community News

Thank you for supporting our school

What People Say about Us

  • Teachers and TA’s are very caring.  They use a range of strategies to support my child
  • The school is amazing, the staff  are amazing. 
  • Giving these special children the appropriate care and support so that they can go on to live the best life they possibly can
  • there are some excellent teachers and TA’s, who understand and “get” our children.  Please continue to value them
  • Bring out the best in my child
  • Good variety of activities and opportunities
  • Making all pupils feel that they are valued members of the school

How to Find Us

St Nicholas School, Malmesbury Road, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 1QF
Tel: 01249 650435  Fax: 01249 447033  Email:  admin@st-nicholas.wilts.sch.uk

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